Quinnipiac Soccer's #26 Uniforms Auction a Huge Success; Bobcats Raise Over $30,000 for Scholarship Fund

HAMDEN, Conn. – The Quinnipiac University soccer programs' world-wide fundraiser for the town of Newtown enjoyed remarkable success as the Bobcats surpassed the $30,000 mark when the auction closed on Sunday, April 14 at 10 p.m. The Bobcats began their auction for #26 jerseys on March 14, 2013, which saw jerseys donated by soccer teams from around the world, to raise money for a scholarship fund in memory of Rachel Marie D'Avino - the cousin of former Quinnipiac captain, Lauren Carmody-Grenier '02.

Quinnipiac raised $30,315 throughout the month, surpassing its original goal of $25,000. Fans can see the merchandise sold by clicking here.

The proceeds of the auction will establish a new scholarship fund in memory of the 20 students and six teachers who died at Sandy Hook and will be dedicated in honor of Rachel. Quinnipiac hopes to continue this tradition by auctioning #26 jerseys every Dec. 14.

Rachel's cousin, Lauren Carmody-Grenier was team captain in 2002 while the 2011 captain, Kyla Miles attended Sandy Hook and knew many of the victims.

What People Are Saying About The #26 Jerseys Auction...

Dave Clarke - Women's Soccer Head Coach
"The tragedy at Sandy Hook hit a raw nerve with everybody around the world and soccer is truly a global game. When you look at the continents involved, the countries involved and some of the politics involved, that's greater than the cause itself."

Eric Da Costa - Men's Soccer Head Coach
"This tragedy hit very close to home for all of us," said men's scocer head coach Eric Da Costa. "The auction and other events have been our way of coping, our way of trying to help this community heal. What we have seen as a result is an entire Global Community coming together. The biggest Football Clubs in the world and some of the biggest names in our game all coming together to support a tremendous cause. The list is impressive but the massive number of people willing to help is truly inspiring."

Craig McCarthy
"I grew up in Newtown and my parents still live there.  My last employer gave me a customized soccer jersey on my last day because that's practically all I wore to work. This has been inspiring, fascinating and entertaining to watch. I just thought you should know that there are many that appreciate the effort you've put into this."

Bruce Binette
"I am a coach from Gatineau, Québec, Canada and I would to thank you and your team for this initiative. The events at Sandy Hook resonated all through Canada in December of 2012 and when I received your email regarding the auction, I could not shy away from the event as it represents the most important values that I have instored  in all of my teams over the last 12 years  (respect, education, soccer- team sport). I found those values in your message. It is clear that your message was understood around the world. As it was mentioned, soccer is a sport that gathers people all around the world and it was clearly expressed in this auction. Again, congrats for the auction and I am very proud to have contributed to the Sandy Hook cause and thank you for allowing me to express the values I cherish."

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