Soccer Star Scores Major Goals In Washington D.C.

Furtuna Velaj is most known for athletic prowess here at Quinnipiac University. She is a 5-foot-6 scoring machine who has a knack for the big goal. Since arriving here two years ago, Velaj has catapulted herself into the nation's spotlight as one of the current great point scorers in Division I Women's Soccer. Velaj has already started rewriting Quinnipiac's record books in the past two years of play. The soccer accolades pile up just like her game winning goals, but Velaj believes there is more to life than soccer.

"I used soccer as a tool to get an education and after soccer I want to make a difference," said Velaj.

A native of Kosovo, Velaj has seen many tragedies in her life and wants to give back. Most recently, Velaj took part of a political seminar in Washington DC called Camp David 3. This academic seminar allowed participants to get a hands-on learning experience dealing with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Velaj spent her time in Washington meeting with experts in the negotiation processes and networking with leaders in foreign policy. The soccer star believed that her Camp David experience just added to her ongoing passion for helping others.

"It was a stepping stone in the direction that I want to go towards after my soccer days are behind me," said Velaj.

The week spent in Washington was an extremely busy one for Velaj. She visited the embassies of the Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. When she wasn't visiting embassies, the young goal scorer was partaking in reenactments of negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Velaj continues to strive in the classroom and keeps up to date with all the politics of the world. Furtuna Velaj is more than a soccer star; she's a person who is driven to help others. For now Velaj can be found working towards her goals on and off the field. Don't be surprised if you see the Political Science major net a job in the United Nations one day.