Beyond The Field: Quinnipiac Women's Lacrosse Senior Allison Boudreau

Beyond the Field: Allison Boudreau
By Joe Cioffi

"I spent nine days in El Salvador." While this is not a story about a vacation, it certainly was an experience of a lifetime.

Allison Boudreau, a member of Quinnipiac's women's lacrosse team, took nine days out of her schedule in February to help those in need. The senior nursing major from Canton, Mass., was able to complete this journey through an organization known as "Missions of Miracles", a volunteer organization that specifically works to help the people of El Salvador. Their mission statement is to "Provide access to quality health care and improved quality of life for all who live in remote villages served by the Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador."

That is precisely what Boudreau did.

Joined by two other Quinnipiac nursing students as well as doctors, dentists and other healthcare personnel, and aided by several translators to help communicate, Allison traveled from village to village, some as far as two hours away, to set up clinics and take care of its people in need.

"It was really cool," Boudreau said. "You see these people who have absolutely nothing and then you show up at their village and they are so thankful."

Boudreau explained how many people in these villages did not have items that are commonplace in our society, such as shoes and water to bathe in. This wonderful experience has also cemented Boudreau's belief in her future goals as a professional. 

When asked if she would do it again, she interrupted before the question was finished, and with a bright smile she exclaimed:  "Absolutely".

Boudreau has undoubtedly learned many valuable lessons from her experience overseas, many very eye-opening. The Quinnipiac senior noted that many of her patients lived without many things that are often taken for granted.

"They live in these houses without running water," Boudreau explained. "It is crazy to think that. It makes you feel really fortunate for what you have."

Despite working with all age groups on her visit, she has always wanted to pursue a career in pediatric care, and she noted that her most enjoyable moments were working with the children of the different villages she visited. As Allison arrived into the village the kids came running up to her and began handing her flowers, creating a moment she will never forget.

"The kids were so cute and so happy to see us, regardless of the fact that we didn't even speak their language," Boudreau said.  

As Allison begins to prepare for her third and final season of lacrosse here at Quinnipiac, not many people on campus know her as well as her head coach Danie Caro.

"We are extremely proud of Allison and the work she did on her service trip to El Salvador," Caro said. "The real-world experience Allison gained participating in the trip should certainly pay dividends for her as she nears graduation. I am so happy that Allison was able to take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity. She is a great student and a very mature person, so I am not surprised she was selected to participate."

It is selfless acts of kindness, like Allison Boudreau's, that make a difference in people's lives. While she may not remember every child that handed her a flower or every adult she helped to educate, they will most likely never forget her and the work she did to help them.