Women’s Lacrosse Visits Students at Helen Street School

Hamden, Conn– The Quinnipiac University Women's Lacrosse team visited third graders at Helen Street School on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 and joined in their haiku poem projects. Former Bobcat Laura Iannotti '11 teaches third graders at Helen Street and worked with the coaching staff to coordinate the event.

"We have been fortunate enough to build a long-term relationship with Helen Street School. Two of my former players, Laura Iannotti and Lexi DeStefano, both teach there," said head coach Danie Caro. "Today we visited the third graders, including Laura's classroom. She has been great about planning activities that are both educational and fun for my student-athletes and her students to complete together. It is really cool to see the student-athletes interact with Laura's students and watch them bond in a very short time frame. I'm incredibly proud of how well Laura has done at Helen Street, and how generous she has been in opening her classroom to us in order to provide opportunities for our players to interact with young people in the community."

According to Iannotti, "It is really nice to be able to have some of my former teammates visit the third grade students. They are great role models and it's a fun change of pace for my students to learn from someone else. They have fun bonding while completing their assignments in a fun way, and it also makes them think seriously about their academic future and their goal of attending college."

Members of the team worked with the students in small groups to write a haiku poem, and once completed they attached it to a paper jersey featuring their favorite number. The players and students collaborated on fixing the rough copies of the haikus and then completing the final projects. The Bobcats also shared information with the third graders about their sport, their upcoming alumnae game, and the equipment they use to play lacrosse.

"Since Helen Street is so close in proximity to Quinnipiac, we can really see how our work with these children affects them. " said junior Positive Play Coordinator Samantha Tilts. "Every time our team goes to Helen Street we are greeted by children who remember our names, and the time they have previously spent with us. They look forward to seeing us, and they never forget our interactions. Not only do the kids we work with have a great experience, but we gain just as much out of making a difference in our community."

"Today was a great experience because we were able to share our creativity in a new way and help bring out the imaginative minds of the children as we helped them write festive haiku poems and decorate cookies." said sophomore Positive Play coordinator Sarah McCullough.

The Bobcats have their alumnae game between the current team and former players on Saturday at 11 am at the Quinnipiac Lacrosse Turf Field.

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