Kelley Davies Writes Women's Ice Hockey Blog About Life On The Road

HAMDEN, Conn. - The first installment of the Quinnipiac University women's ice hockey blog, written by junior forward and print journalism major Kelley Davies (Chesapeake, Va.), describes the team's day-to-day schedule on the road to Harvard and Dartmouth from Nov. 13-15. The women's ice hockey team has gotten off to their best start in program history, and currently holds a 6-4-2 overall record with a 4-1-1 record in ECAC Hockey. Davies ranks fourth on the team in points with five, as she has tallied two goals and three assists this season.

Before we left for Harvard and Dartmouth road trip on Friday, our pre-game meal was consumed by the 25 hockey players, our three coaches, and two trainers. After we ate, our team headed to the red and black Dattco bus. With each player in their own seat, we sat anxiously waiting to play.

The two-hour bus ride did not seem long with headphones in blasting our favorite pump-up songs. Towards the end of the trip, our assistant coach, Cassie Turner, presented a team video on the bus' television that she put together. "Animals" by Nickelback played as we watched our highlights on screen. With eyes fixed on the screens, we gazed at each play and goal from previous weekends. Once the video was over, we just wanted to get off the bus and hit the ice.

Once we arrived at Harvard, we grabbed our bags off the bus and filed into the locker room. We changed out of our tracksuits and into our warm-up uniforms with two hours to go until game time. Old stick tape filled the locker room benches, and the sound of shredding tape filled the air. The candied smell of stick wax lingered in the locker room as players were getting their sticks ready for game time.

With 1:20 on the game clock, the team warmed up for the game. We jogged slightly to get our legs going and ended with a good stretch.

One hour left until the drop of the puck: A portable iHome played while we put on our equipment for on-ice warm-up in 30 minutes.

There we sat, fully dressed. This was the first game of our weekend series. It's what we worked toward the entire week of practice, but Friday the 13th took its toll that night. Cassie walked in to the locker room to give us the bad news, our game was going to be rescheduled due to an on-ice plumbing problem.

Senior Janine Duffy said, "This is our first game that has ever been cancelled."

Devastation filtered through our minds, but we knew we had another game the next day. With our minds now focused on Dartmouth, we prepared ourselves on another two-hour ride towards Hanover, N.H.

On Saturday, we woke up for our morning run at 8 a.m. We then had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with the pre-game meal scheduled for 12 p.m. After our meals, we left the hotel at 2:15 p.m. for our game at the Thompson Arena. Quinnipiac women's ice hockey had never beaten Dartmouth in its program history, but we started a new history that night. We beat Dartmouth for the first time, 2-1.

After a post-game meal, we drove back to Harvard for the second time in the weekend. We woke up for a morning run at 8:30 a.m., followed by a good breakfast in the hotel. We then left the hotel for our 1 p.m. game against Harvard.

We came out strong in the game, scoring an early goal, but we let up once we got scored on. We ended up losing 7-2, our first loss this season in ECAC Hockey. Our team was disappointed, but we can't dwell on this one game and we have to look forward to a good week of practice to get ready for two huge games at home against Colgate and Cornell.