Women's Basketball In Italy: Venice, The Sinking City

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VENICE, Italy - Today, the Quinnipiac Bobcats continued their travels to the sinking city of Venice, the third destination of the trip.  The team departed from Florence early this morning taking a three hour ride northeast to spend the day touring Venice. The Bobcats viewed the architecture of the Byzantine dome cathedrals and the canals that run throughout the entire city. In order to get to Venice the Bobcats had to get on water taxi's to make their way over to San Marco Square to begin our afternoon.

The group followed the tour guide down to the Adriatic Sea, walking through scenic side streets and back allies. Many of the players had time to do some shopping, purchasing beautiful Italian Murano Glass jewelry, Venice's Carnival masks, and other souvenirs. St. Mark's Square was a famous destination of Basilica di San Marco with lavish mosaics covering the outside of the church along with many shops and restaurants in the square set up to take in the beauty of the church. We were able to walk around the square and observe the scenery and the artwork across the entire cathedral.

The group ended our only day in Venice by taking a gondola ride through the canals and under many of the bridges in Venezia.  There are 409 bridges throughout the city, including the Rialto Bridge, the first wooden bridge built to connect each side of the canal. It later collapsed and was replaced by one single stone arched bridge. The city continues to sink every year due to rising water levels. After that, the team enjoyed more salad, bread, and pasta choosing between seafood and meat sauces. The restaurant was right on the main street of Venice overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Tomorrow marks day seven and game two of a three game excursion. The Bobcats will face Pallacanestro Montecchio in Mestre, Italy after visiting the Olympic Theater in the early afternoon.