Women's Basketball In Italy: Vatican City

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The Bobcats ended their last day in Rome by visiting the Catholic capital of the world, Vatican City. While in the smallest independent state in the world, the team took a tour of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and then walked through St. Peter's Basilica.

In the Vatican museum, the Bobcats were able to see many preserved statues, paintings, and tapestries that were hung throughout the hallways. Student-athletes were amazed by the intricate artwork exposed on the ceilings throughout the entire exhibition.

The Sistine Chapel was also breathtaking as the famed sanctuary showed the meticulous detail in every character and marking on the ceiling and walls. The team learned more about Michelangelo's paintings and the significance of his work. Michelangelo used many of his portraits to decipher heaven from hell, however, also managed to incorporate comic relief into his masterpieces.  

As the tour continued the Bobcats explored St. Peter's Basilica and saw many different statues, crypts and altars that are still in use today. The team was very fortunate and even observed a service that was held. We wrapped up our afternoon in the Vatican City with a bite to eat before making our way back to the hotel for some downtime.  

Our last night in Rome consisted of a wonderful dinner by the Spanish Steps. The menu included assorted salad, pasta and Italian gelato for dessert. This concluded the first leg of our journey. Tomorrow the Bobcats are off to Florence for the next two days and will endure their first action on the hardwood against All Star Italy.