Women's Basketball In Italy: The Trevi Fountain and Rome At Night

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On Sunday, Quinnipiac women's basketball student-athletes and coaches had a free day to sightsee. After many players attended St. Peter's Basilica for morning mass, others spent the morning walking around the city discovering the Spanish Steps, touring Villa Borghese – a beautiful park in the center of Rome - and taking in the breathtaking views that were close to the hotel. 

In the afternoon, the team gathered together to enjoy a typical Roman lunch of bruschetta, salad and some specialty Italian deserts of tiramisu and pannacotta.  After lunch the Bobcats made their way to the world reknowned Trevi Fountain. As is tradition, each member of the the team threw three coins into the fountain, making a wish for each one. The first wish is to come back to the city of Rome, second is to find true love, and third was your own wish.

The Bobcats then walked down many side streets and alleys where there were many cafés, woodworking shops, and stores leading up to the Pantheon. While at the Pantheon the team took in the picturesque domed ceiling and sculptures around.The Bobcats had fun meeting many people from different countries and had no problem talking to the ancient "warriors", who were posed for pictures. 

At dinner the team was serenaded by a pair of singers who brought the team into the spirit of Italy with a sing-along to the song, "That's Amore." After dinner it was off to the Piazza Navonna, which houses the Fontana dele Quattro Fuimi (Fountain of the Four Rivers), which was featured in the Dan Brown novel, "Angels and Demons". The team was able to view all the night life that Rome has to offer, sample gelato and view many pieces of artwork from city artists in the square.  As Sunday winds down to a close, the team is excited for a tour of Vatican City, visiting the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and then to St. Peter's Basilica.