NCAA Lane: Day 2

Sophomore men's tennis player Garrett Lane will provide daily updates of the Bobcats' NCAA Tournament trip to Stanford, California.

After catching up on the lack of sleep from Thursday's travels, the team managed to get everyone on the bus without somebody forgetting to set their alarm.

At breakfast, it seemed difficult to find a meal on the menu that was traditional (eggs, pancakes, bacon). We all looked at the menu with a confused look trying to find something that seemed appetizing...oh well, I guess Californians are too good to go with the simple breakfast.

Once finished with the meal, I took a trip to CVS with Adinolfi, Lyneene, Ott, and Q. Adinolfi and I accessorized in the sunglasses section trying to find the cheapest sunglasses...15 dollars was obviously way too much green for glasses that we'd probably lose in no more that 3 days. On the way back, we had another priceless Q moment...

Me: We should go to this restaurant for dinner...(Pointing at the place, called Scott's Seafood, leaving little need for explanation of what kind of restaurant it was)

Q: (looks at the place for a moments) What's this?

Ott: It's traditionally referred to as a restaurant...

...maybe you needed to be there to realize the hilarity of the situation.

We got to the Taube Family Tennis Center to watch the Fairfield women's team face Stanford in a match that was entertaining until the 3rd or 4th game when realized it was going to be a steam roll show.

We managed to catch a peek at the Stanford men's team...yeah they were mediocre at best...okay they were nasty. Despite their talent, we all practiced with a lot of intensity and confidence to prepare ourselves for the match tomorrow.

Getting back to the hotel, we went to Q's room for a meeting. You know you're on the Q men's tennis team when we have meetings about how we are somehow going to wear matching uniforms... During the meeting it was time to get serious about tomorrows match. We discussed what we need to do in order to somehow get more than 3 games. Once the meeting was finished I think we all walked out with a sense of confidence and determination that maybe we can somehow pull the match off...we've all got to have dreams right?

Today is the big day so a good night sleep was key. Let's hope we can make some noise and get QU on the map.

We will be sure to give the breakdown of today's results in tomorrow's blog.

Let's go Bobcats. Let's get it done.

One last note...shout out to Sarah Viebrock for following my awesome blog.