Kaiser's Korner: The Final Installment

Each week during the 2010 season, Quinnipiac senior Todd Kaiser has shared his thoughts on the Bobcats' men's lacrosse program. This week's installment is the final in the series.

This is why I like Quinnipiac Lacrosse.

"Toddman...busting a move pre game is A ok, as long as it's a sweet move to a sweet tune. If u or any other bobcats need lax/life guidance don't hesitate, that's what im here for. #25"

That was a text message I received from Mike Hennessey, class of 2007, on Tuesday afternoon.

I have had a great 4+ years here in Hamden...and even though my wish of winning a conference championship or being awarded a prestigious post-season award didn't come true...I am going to leave here with no regrets. And even though some days were horrible...nothing will ever beat the camaraderie shared between myself and the other Robert Felines (think about it). I will forever have a bond with 65+ plus guys.

This last week of practice has been weird. It doesn't help that Coach Frady has been chirping in my ear that I only have so many days left. Thanks Coach, I know that in two days my lacrosse career will be done and that I no longer have the luxury of being blessed by your company every morning...a company that I have learned to love and hate...hahaha.

We have a chance to finish in the top 3 in the conference with a win over Fairfield this Saturday. Now, I know that wasn't a goal of ours in the beginning of the year, but considering we were picked to finish last...it's a decent finish. Fairfield is a good squad, who is also going to lay down all their chips for the last game of their season. It should be a good game to watch.

A few end of the season superlatives and thank-you's.

Worst Partner Passing Duo in the History of QU Lacrosse: Crandon Leahy and Bailey Tuthill. No explanation necessary.

Least Valuable Freshman of the Year: Dorian Wolfe. The other freshmen can agree with me on this...I don't think Dorian handed out laundry or helped to clean up the field once this year. Keep up the good work, Dorian.

Most Dramatic: Goalie, Jaime Prudden. You signed up to play goalie, you are going to get hit with shots. Nothing would crack me up more than when Jabeebs would get hit with a shot and let out a moan of some kind.

Jinx of the Year: This award goes to a non-Bobcat. My good friend and former Middlebury College lacrosse player, Pete Britt. He attended three home games this year... All three resulting in a loss, thanks for ruining my senior season.

Website of the Year: It's a 2 way tie. www.us.akinator.com and www.mostawesomestthingever.com. Two websites that will take up hours of your time. They are very good for procrastinators such as myself.

Thanks to the sports information department for giving me the opportunity to write a blog every week. I really have enjoyed writing these, it has been a boat-load of fun.

One last request... If anyone reading this has any employment opportunities please let me know. I am pretty much going into the real world blind... so any help would be nice. Here is my email, feel free to contact me whenever.


Well friends, that's it for me. For all those still around Hamden, come down to the game Saturday, alright???...awesome, I will see you there or I will see you on another time. Go Bobcats.