Kaiser's Korner: Week 4

Each week during the 2010 season, Quinnipiac senior Todd Kaiser will share his thoughts on the Bobcats' men's lacrosse program.

On Friday morning, we boarded our DATTCO bus and traveled to Geneva, New York. We left campus ready to take on the Hobart Statesmen in our second ECAC match-up of the season. From the beginning of the week we knew that we were in for a tough game. This meant that we really had to buckle down and have another solid week of practice.

After scouting and watching film all week it became even more apparent that Hobart was strong in all aspects of the game...the coaching staff really did a great job in preparing us for all the possibilities that we might face.

Even before the game, Hobart was playing to our strengths...we are big advocates of techno music and the amount of techno on their warm-up CD really got the guys going. The only thing that could have been better is that if "Tom Sawyer" by the band Rush came on...between the amount of adrenaline going through my body and my love for that song, I would have lost my mind.

Despite being down by a goal at halftime, we were still very confident that we were going to win the game. In the first two quarters, the offense was getting a ton of great chances. We were generating a lot of good opportunities which led to 24 first-half shots. The Hobart goalie had an exceptionally strong half, stopping nine of the shots. Once again, our defense was outstanding by limiting their opportunities and making great stops. We came out firing in the third quarter...the offense tallied four goals while the defense shut them out.

Our goalie, Kevin Benzing, played like a maniac in the fourth quarter. He secured the 9-7 win by making seven phenomenal saves in the 15-minute span. The offense struggled a bit but luckily Kevin and the rest of the defense were playing great. It was our first ECAC win of the year and a huge win for the program.

With Hobart being six hours away, it was imperative that the right movies were brought on the trip. The problem is that our team can never come to a consensus on which movie to watch. It also doesn't help that the coaching staff has the final say and the power to veto any movie that is selected.

We started off the trip by putting on "Big Daddy"...a personal favorite. It only lasted about 14 seconds, don't ask me why. I love that movie but I guess there are some people who wouldn't know good humor if it slapped them in the face. "The Hangover" was substituted in its place, a suitable replacement.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was up next...a real solid choice. Since this movie is back in the HBO rotation and I've watched it six times in the last two weeks, I decided to take a power-nap in preparation to catch the ending. I woke up to Mike Bucchino asleep on my shoulder...I quickly woke him up.

Now, I am so disgusted by the last movie choice that I have contemplated not even mentioning it...but I will anyway. I don't know whose idea it was to put on "Beverly Hills Ninja" but I didn't like it when I saw it in sixth grade and I wasn't willing to give it another shot. This gave me time to finish the book I was reading and successfully begin another one.

The ride home featured two enjoyable movies, "Grandma's Boy" and "The Big Lebowski". I found it hard to pay attention between the excitement from the win and the amount of cookies that were left over from the post-game tailgate. Coach Frady tried to put on "Goodfellas" but the back of the bus wasn't having it. 15 of us simultaneously sent him a text-message nicely asking him to switch the movie.

It was another successful weekend for Quinnipiac Lacrosse. The Ohio State Buckeye's come to Hamden this weekend for our third ECAC game of the year. It is a huge game for us and we'd appreciate it if you Bobcat fans could come out and show your support. See you on Saturday.