Quinnipiac Men's Basketball In Europe: Day 9

On our last full day on our European Tour, we had the opportunity to choose what we wanted to do. I really wanted to go inside the Notre Dame cathedral, but as I mentioned in previous blogs, with only four days in Paris, you have to make decisions, and today I chose to follow the group that went inside the Louvre museum. The team got together and decided on two options - shopping or the Louvre. I figured since we were in France, I might as well go inside the Leauve since I didn't know if I'd ever come back here again. I think this was a great decision. The artwork in there was extraordinary. They had enormous sculptures and paintings, both with exquisite detail. The biggest attraction in there was Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." This was an awesome painting to see. After having seen it for years on TV, and in books, to see it up close was almost surreal. There was a mob scene in front of the photo of probably over one hundred spectators. Getting to the painting was like trying to get to the exit in a crowded club. Surprisingly, we were allowed to take pictures of it, but weren't allowed to use a flash. This rule was blatantly ignored by the photographers crowding around the painting.

The other famous piece in the Louvre was the "Venus de Milo." This was a sculpture of a woman with no arms. Again, the no-flash rule was completely disregarded. There were so many great artworks in the museum, from small mosaics to enormous sphinxes, but all of the art is a must see for visitors to Paris.

We ended our day, and our Basketball Tour with a victorious performance in our final game in France. We jumped out of the gate to an early lead, but the Frenchmen clawed their way back into the game. They were a tough team. They were very savvy on the court, which is not something we ordinarily face. After halftime, we had adjusted to the different style of play, and commenced the second half with great intensity which we were able to ride to victory. We had great performance from Jamee Jackson and Raheem May-Thompson under the basket, and from Deontay Twyman out on the perimeter. It was a great way to conclude our tour.

Tomorrow morning we will be flying back to the United States, and back to Quinnipiac! We look forward to seeing everyone back home. We missed you all!