Basketball and Beyond: Week 5

Each week for the rest of the season, senior James Feldeine will chronicle his experiences with the Quinnipiac men's basketball team.

Let me start off saying that we didn't look past St. Francis (Pa.); we just didn't play well in the second half. They came out with more energy and more toughness than us and we couldn't shake them off. After the game, I could tell everyone was mad about losing the game and probably staying out the hunt for the number one seed. We had that bad taste in our mouths again and wanted to get it out right away. Coach Moore told us that every time we had our backs against the wall, we came out with one of our best performances the next game. I was really confident my team would play tougher and with more energy against Robert Morris. We got to Pittsburgh a few hours after the game and no one wanted to say a word to each other. We all knew we let each other down with that performance. The truth was I was mad about the game, but I knew my team was going to bring it the next day in practice and during the game. I really was not stressing the loss because we were still in the hunt for first place, but we needed to beat Robert Morris. This was going to be the biggest test for the team and, in the back of my head, I had faith.

The next day was a rough day for my team and me. Everyone was still upset about the loss and worried about practice. We always have an intense practice after a loss, but what team in the country doesn't? After watching film from the St. Francis (Pa.) game, we all knew what we did wrong and had to fix it in less than six hours for practice. When practice finally came around, we all came out with energy and toughness. We knew that was the time we were going to win the game. When we have a great practice the day before a game, we usually win (you can tell by our record that we have a lot of great practices). After practice, everyone was back to normal because we knew we put in the work that was needed to win.

While I was warming up, I looked around and saw my teammates were ready to fight this battle as a team. We were not going to let each other down this time. I remember someone saying "Those dudes think they got it already." That gave us something to prove, because they had to beat us before they could become regular season champs. We came out with so much energy because we knew we had to hit them first before they hit us. After the first hit, we never looked back and won the game by eight. This was a great win for us because it keeps us in the hunt for that number one spot. It makes them have to win their last two regular season games, and the last one is at Mount St. Mary's, a place where we lost a few weeks ago and we know that is not an easy place to win. Hopefully, next time I write this blog, we've taken care of business in our last two games and we are the regular season champs - with a little help from the Mount.