Part Five Of Field Hockey's Blog On Its Run To The NEC's

Losing is never an easy thing to swallow. We are very disappointed about the outcome of today's game, and even more saddened that our season has come to an end. For some, it was their first NEC experience; for others it was the last and saying goodbye to our seniors is the hardest part of all.

We are extremely thankful for the support we have received from our coaches, our teammates, and our biggest fans - our parents and families. We are so fortunate to have them support us by travelling great distances to cheer us on, or knowing they are following us through the website's podcasts and write-ups. Our support system here at Quinnipiac is unique. It has been there with us through all the wins, losses, and even difficult times.

After the game we had a special opportunity to share dinner with our families and teammates. Some laughed, some cried and others reminisced about our favorite QU Field Hockey moments from this season. As we head back to the Q, it's eerie to think that tonight we will not be setting our alarms for tomorrow morning's practice. You would think that we would be happy to have some free time on our hands, but this is what we live for.

Thanks to Quinnipiac for giving us the opportunity to blog. We hope we can keep on bloggin' in our future seasons.

It's been real,

Bernie Mac