TD Bank Sports Center Student Ticket Policy


Video Tutorial on Activating an Online Student Account 

Students can access tickets to events at the TD Bank Sports Center only by using their online student account.  Q-Cards will no longer be accepted at the door the day of the game, you must use the online student reservation system.

Each student has the opportunity to print one free ticket per event at the TD Bank Sports Center.  It is important to set up this account as you will use this system to access your free student tickets for hockey and basketball games, the holiday dinner, and eventually graduation.  You will also use this system to purchase student concert tickets.  

Tickets must be printed before arriving at events or be accessed via the Student Portal Mobile Login (more information below).  Tickets will then be scanned upon entry and will be linked to your student account enabling you to earn points for attending events. 

There will be a limited amount of free tickets per event available to students in the student sections.  Those sections are:

Basketball: Sections 110, 111

Hockey: Sections 108, 109, 110, 111

Student tickets are valid for these sections only.  Once the free allotment is gone, students can always purchase tickets in regular seating to the event for $5.00 based on availability by calling the TD Bank Sports Center ticket office at 203-582-3905. 

Each week’s events will be made available each week by clicking on the “Student Tickets” link (bottom left corner) on  From there simply log in with your login and password.  (If you still need to activate your account, see the instructions below).  Once you are logged in, to print your free student ticket:
  • Click on “Print Student Tickets” and the list of available events will appear. 
  • Click “Generate Ticket” next to the game(s) you want a ticket for and then “Print Ticket” to print your ticket to be scanned. 
*Students can only reserve tickets for events the week of each event(s).  Those wanting to secure tickets for future games have the option to purchase them at any time at the student rate of $5.00 (limit of 4).


Students have the option of purchasing one guest ticket per event for the student discounted price of $5.00.  Guest tickets can only be purchased by calling the box office 203-582-3905 and paying with cash, credit/debit card, or Q-Cash.  Guest tickets are not available online.


This year, once you have generated your student ticket, you can now access your ticket on your smartphone instead of printing out your ticket. 

To do so:
  • Copy the Student Portal Mobile Login hyperlink into your smartphone’s web browser (you may want to bookmark this for easier access to future tickets). 
  • Login using your login and password, then click on “Display Ticket Barcodes”.  This will display the barcodes for the event you are attending. 
  • Show it to the attendant when you arrive at the arena and get scanned in.

 Please note, mobile barcodes will only show up on the day of the game.