Quinnipiac University Athletics | 2015-2016 Team Tryouts

2015-16 Tryout Procedures for Interested Student-Athletes
This page will be updated with dates, times and sites by August 15, 2015. Times, dates and sites are subject to change. 

Step One – Meet with Head Coach and discuss the details of the teams tryout process.

  1. Obtain the Tryout form the Head Coach
  2. Have the Head Coach Fill out:
    1. Know The Date(s) of the tryouts
    2. Obtain the Head Coach’s Signature
Step Two – In the Athletic Training Room (AC 136), on Wednesday, August 26th or Wednesday, September 2nd, bring a copy of your medical physical and insurance coverage card and obtain signature of an athletic trainer between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Step Three – Meet with the NCAA Compliance Officer in the Athletics Training (AC 136) on Wednesday, August 26th or Wednesday, September 2nd between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  1. Bring Class Schedule for the semester (Fall or Spring) that you are trying out
  2. Have the tryout form signed by QU’s NCAA Compliance person.
Step Four – Return yellow copy of tryout form to head coach before you can begin your tryout

Please fill out this survey to assist the coaches in planning 
Acrobatics & Tumbling Mary Ann Powers (203) 582-5325 AC-243 TBA TDBSC
Baseball John Delaney (203) 582-6546 AC-239 TBA Baseball Field 
Basketball - Men Tom Moore (203) 582-3806 TDBSC TBA TDBSC
Basketball - Women Tricia Fabbri (203) 582-5362 AAB-212 No Tryouts  
Cross Country - M & W Carolyn Martin (203) 582-5314 AC-244 TBA Burt Kahn Court Lobby
Dance Company Alyssa Romano (203) 582-5392 AC-Studio A Sept. 12, 2015
(9 AM - 3 PM)
AC-Studio A
Dance Fusion Jessica Loeser (203) 582-5392 AC-Studio B Sept. 7, 2015
(3 PM - 8 PM)
AC-Studio B
Kickline Cassandra Ruff (203) 582-5392 AC-Studio A Sept. 7-8, 2015
(9 PM -11 PM)
AC-Studio B
Field Hockey Becca Main (203) 582-5319 AC-238 Contact Coach  
Golf - Women John O'Connor (203) 582-3911 AC-221 TBA  
Ice Hockey - Men Rand Pecknold (203) 582-5321 AAH-213 No Tryouts  
Ice Hockey - Women Rick Seeley (203) 582-3494 AAH-212 No Tryouts  
Lacrosse - Men Eric Fekete (203) 582-5318 AC-241 TBA ATH-233 Athetic Center
Lacrosse - Women Danie Caro (203) 582-5323 AC-236 TBA Lacrosse Turf 
Rugby - Women Becky Carlson (203) 582-3914 AC-218 TBA Alumni Field 
Soccer - Men Eric Da Costa (203) 582-5324 AC-242 Contact Coach  
Soccer - Women Dave Clarke (203) 582-5315 AC-245 Contact Coach Soccer Field
Softball Jill Karwoski (203) 582-5316 AC-240 TBA Softball Field 
Tennis - Men Chris Pappas (203) 582-5322 AC-237 No Tryouts  
Tennis - Women Paula Miller (203) 582-5322 AC-237 Contact Coach  
Women's Track Carolyn Martin (203) 582-5314 AC-244 TBA Burt Kahn Court Lobby
Volleyball Kris Czaplinski (203) 582-5313 AC-213 TBA Burt Kahn Court

Sample Tryout Form Below. This is NOT to be used, this is just a sample.