The summer is the greatest time period for college athletes to make their biggest gains in strength, speed, conditioning, and overall athleticism. It is imperative that you as an individual get yourself into the best physical condition to reduce the risk of injury, improve on the field performance, and to contribute to the overall goals of the team.


Rest: We must get a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night in order to recover from these workouts. Check the link on recovery for more information.


Nutrition: We must eat a minimum of three solid meals a day. We should try to get a snack between meals and a snack before bed. Never, ever miss a meal. Check the link on nutrition for more information


Intensity: We must approach every rep of every set with maximal intensity. If the weight is light, we must try to accelerate it as fast as possible.


Consistency: We must never allow ourselves to miss a workout. This workout is extremely systematic; a missed workout could throw it off immeasurably.


If you have any questions or potential problems regarding this program please don't wait until August to let us know about them. Contact us as soon as the problem arises so we can get it taken care of!


"Champions are not supernatural. They just fight again and again when everyone else quits. Their constant efforts and hard work gives them victory."




To access your program, click on your sport and enter the password you were assigned. Each link will open an Excel spreadsheet in a new browser window. If you need your password, e-mail Brijesh Patel at


Basketball - Men's
Basketball - Women's
Acrobatics & Tumbling
Cross Country - Men's & Women's
Field Hockey
Golf - Women's
Ice Hockey - Men's
Ice Hockey - Women's
Lacrosse - Men's
Lacrosse - Women's
Rugby - Women's
Soccer - Men's
Soccer - Women's
Tennis - Men's and Women's


Following are instructions on how to remove the password once the Excel file has been downloaded:

1. Open the document.
2. On the File menu, click Save As.
3. Click Options.
4. In the Password to open box, select the symbols that represent the existing password.
5. To delete the password, press DELETE, and then click OK.
6. Click Save.


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