Insurance Information


Athletic Insurance Contact Info: 

       Mail:  Athletic Training; GM-ATH; 275 Mount Carmel Ave; Hamden, CT 06518
       Fax:  203-582-3207

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL FULL-TIME QUINNIPIAC UNIVERISTY STUDENTS Quinnipiac University REQUIRES all students to have a personal medical insurance policy.  All students are required to go login to the website complete all information. 

  • If a student does not have a personal medical insurance policy, the student will have the opportunity to enroll in the Aetna Student Health Care insurance program at  The cost of the policy, $1,560 will automatically be added to the student’s Quinnipiac school bill.

  • All International student-athletes will automatically be considered for the personal medical insurance policy purchased by Quinnipiac University; the student must still actively enroll in the Aetna Student Health insurance program at

  • The Aetna Group insurance program meets the requirement for student-athletes who must purchase their own personal medical insurance policy. 
  • All parents and legal guardians are required to sign and date the subsequent form stating that they have read and fully understand Quinnipiac University and the Department of Athletics policies and information outlined in this document, regardless if the student is of legal age. The student- athlete will not be cleared to participate without these signatures.

 Department of Athletics & Recreation Policy on Insurance Coverage for Student-Athletes  

  • A student-athlete’s personal medical insurance policy must be valid prior to the day the student-athlete begins participating in any required athletically-related activities (e.g. practice, strength and conditioning activities, captains’ practices, etc.).  The medical insurance policy must cover any claims made while attending school in Connecticut and practicing and competing as a student-athlete. 
  • Student-athletes are required to maintain their personal medical insurance policy throughout the academic year as well as any time a team’s season extends beyond the academic year. A student-athlete is required to immediately inform the Sports Medicine staff of any change in their personal, medical insurance coverage.  Failure to do so could result in the student-athlete being financially responsible for costs incurred as a result of an athletically related injury.   
  • A student-athlete’s personal medical insurance policy is required to cover activities and injuries relating to intercollegiate athletics participation.  If the personal medical insurance policy does not cover activities and injuries related to intercollegiate athletics participation, the student-athlete is required to obtain another policy that will cover such activities.    
  • Any injury sustained while participating in intercollegiate athletics will first be the responsibility of the student-athlete’s personal medical insurance policy. The university insurance will only cover usual and customary expenses related to the claim and will not reimburse for initial individual plan deductibles. Please educate and inform the student if their insurance requires a referral from your primary care physician.  
  • Quinnipiac University has a medical insurance policy which serves as a secondary medical insurance policy for its’ student-athletes.  This insurance policy will help with costs not covered by the student-athlete’s primary medical insurance policy.  This secondary insurance is not a substitute for a student-athlete having coverage from primary, personal medical insurance coverage.   Quinnipiac University’s secondary insurance policy coverage will only be valid to help cover usual and customary costs due to injuries directly caused by participation in intercollegiate athletics (including Acrobatics and Tumbling). Sickness and/or injury that occur in the dorm are examples of incidents that would not be covered by the University’s secondary policy.  
  • When the Athletic Training Staff feels that a student-athlete should be referred to a specialist, the staff will make the necessary arrangements.  Should a student-athlete seek medical treatment or a second opinion outside the Quinnipiac Department of Athletics network of physicians without a referral from the Quinnipiac Athletic Training Department, the student-athlete is financially responsible.  Quinnipiac will not pay for any subsequent medical visits that are sought by the student-athlete.  
  • NCAA rules prohibit colleges and universities from paying any medical costs for an injury or illness not directly caused by participation in intercollegiate athletics.  It is for this reason student-athletes are required to have their own personal medical insurance coverage.  Quinnipiac University strongly recommends student-athletes contact their current medical insurance carrier to verify that their policy will cover non-emergency athletic injuries and general illness while attending a college in the state of Connecticut.   
  • A few student-athletes who do not have primary medical insurance coverage may qualify to have the Department of Athletics purchase insurance on their behalf, in accordance with NCAA rules.  If you indicated below that you do not have a primary medical insurance policy which would cover you for your participation in intercollegiate athletics while attending school in Connecticut please read the next page of this document. The student should also enroll in the Aetna insurance program at If it is determined that you will not need the Aetna Insurance Policy, it is possible to waive at a later date.  
  • All secondary insurance claims and related paperwork should be directed to Athletic Training; GM-ATH; ATTN: Athletic Training; 275 Mount Carmel Ave; Hamden, CT 06518; or at 203-582-8408.