Quinnipiac Student-Athletes and The Media

The Media                                                                                                                                                                              

Here’s an in-depth look at the types of sports journalists--representing both national and local media--with whom you’ll come into contact:

Beat Writers: These newspaper and Internet writers cover Quinnipiac on a daily basis, so they are a key link between Quinnipiac and its fans.  Primarily, they report the facts in an objective way.  While beat writers may become the most familiar members of the media to you because of the amount of time they spend with us, they still must remain independent and impartial.

Television News Crews: Although you likely won’t see reporters and camera crews from the local television stations as often as newspaper beat writers, don’t overlook their impact.  Most people get their news from television.

Television Game Broadcasters: If one of your games will be televised, count on seeing the announcers—a play-by-play announcer and an analyst—earlier in the week.  They’ll come out to view some of your practices and, along with the TV producer and director might want to meet with you informally the day before the game.  They might also want to do a brief taped interview.  Obviously, you should not discuss game strategy in detail, or share confidential team information.

Radio Talk Show Hosts: Sports radio talk shows, featuring calls from fans, are very popular.  It’s possible you’ll be asked to be a guest on one of these shows. Most of the interviews are done live over the phone.

Photographers: Photographers for newspapers and magazines, and TV video camera operators, must tell their stories visually.  You’ll see them ringing the playing field at practice and games.  So, while you must be judicious in your comments to the media, remember that your actions can be captured on film and video, too.

Student Media: Quinnipiac has several various student media outlets, all staffed by fellow students. These include the The Chronile and Quad News newspapers; QBSN and WQUN radio, the The Summitt yearbook and Q30 TV News.  While these journalists are your campus peers, we have always treated them like any media member and have extended them every professional courtesy.