November 12, 2011

Kickline consists of 25-30 girls who perform Rockette-style, high-kicking precision skill routines. The team performs at Quinnipiac basketball games, the annual Midnight Madness pep rally, various school-sponsored events such as the holiday lighting ceremony, and at the annual cheerleading competition hosted by the cheerleading team.


Tryouts for Kickline are held each year in the fall and take place over a period of two days. During the first day, Kickline hopefuls learn a basic jazz routine and a kick sequence. On the second day, dancers return to audition both routines in front of the current Kickline captains. Scoring is based on technique, height of kicks, and dance ability.

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2011 Midnight Madness Photos and Videos

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Quinnipiac Kickline Roster 2013-2014 
Name Year Major
Katie Williams* Senior Occupational Therapy
Paige MacLeod* Senior Behavioral Neuroscience
Nicole Meringola* Senior Occupational Therapy
Jenna Patterson Senior Accounting
Deirdre Sullivan  Sophomore Diagnostic Imaging
Natalie Daverio Senior Mathematics 
Colleen Sutherland  Senior Physical Therapy 
Brianna Quinn Senior Public Relations
Amanda Cianciola Senior Psychology/ Elementary Education
Christine Zafran  Junior  Education/English
Kayleigh Darcy Sophomore  Diagnostic Imaging
Christine Avitable Freshman Mathematics 
Ariana Guido Freshman History
Danielle Mackey Freshman Health Science
Cameron Maselli Freshman Health Science
Sarah Kennedy Freshman Physician's Assistant
Alexa Panzarino  Junior  Public Relations
Kerryn Reeve  Junior  Occupational Therapy
Stephanie Simone Sophomore Economics 
Cassie Ruff Sophomore Physical Therapy 
Lauren Uvino Senior Psychology 
Nicole Uvino Freshman Business Management 
Michelle Gomez Sophomore Nursing
Bianca Dux Junior  Broadcast Journalism 
Caitlin Gallagher Senior Nursing
Anna Theodoridis Senior Health Science
Jess Zaczek Junior  Computer Information Systems 
Teeny O'Donnell-Pickert Senior Occupational Therapy
Lauren Giarrusso Sophomore Health Science
Shannon Fusco  Sophomore Nursing
*- Denotes Captain