Quinnipiac Athletics & Recreation Annual Awards Reception Set for Wednesday, May 4th at 6pm

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Release: 05/04/2011


2011 Athletic Award Program, Winners & Honorees (below-In Progress)

Dear Student-Athletes, Parents and Friends of Quinnipiac Athletics & Recreation,

On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, and the entire Quinnipiac University community, I would like to invite you to the Quinnipiac Athletics & Recreation Annual Awards Reception to honor Quinnipiac's athletes and scholar-athletes. This year's awards event will celebrate the athletic accomplishments of Quinnipiac's student-athletes following a successful year at the NCAA's highest level as well as their extensive involvement in the classroom and the community.

This very special event, sponsored by the Department of Athletics & Recreation will be held on Wednesday, May 4, at Lender Court at the
TD Bank Sports Center.

Parents, alumni and guests are invited with a $10 admission for adults and a $5 admission for seniors and children.

Please RSVP

2010 Photos and Video

The evening schedule is as follows:

5:30 PM           Athletes, Coaches, Family and Friends Gather in the Gym

6:00 PM           Awards Program Begins with Master of Ceremonies - Bill Schweizer & Billy Mecca

                       Welcome Remarks

Jack McDonald, Director of Athletics & Recreation

        Scholar-Athlete Recognition

                       Scholar-Athlete Recognition with Deans of Arts & Sciences, Business
                       Communication & Health Services

                       Top Scholar Athlete by Class - Sean Duffy, NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative

                       Presentation of Positive Play Cup - Lyneene Richardson

                       Behind the Scenes Award Presentation - Jack McDonald

                       Intramural, Fitness Center and Student Employee Awards

                       Recreation/Fitness Center Awards


Team/Program MVP & Senior Recognition

QU Female "Athlete of the Year" - Tracey Flynn
QU Male "Athlete of the Year" - Jack McDonald

Closing Comments - Jack McDonald, Director of Athletics & Recreation

2010-11 Highlight Music Slideshow

Group Photo of all team/program MVP's at Center Court

7:30 PM          Program Ends - Buffet Dinner Begins on Concourse


It is our hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate another outstanding year at Quinnipiac. To RSVP, please contact Connie Mancini at (203) 582-5388 or E-Mail at : connie.mancini@quinnipiac.edu .

Thanks so much for all of your support of our student-athletes. I look forward to seeing you on May 4th.


Please RSVP



Jack McDonald, Director of Athletics & Recreation







Bill Schweizer & Billy Mecca


Jillian Kelley (Women's Soccer) – Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Jack McDonald, Director of Athletics and Recreation


Sean Duffy, NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative

2010-2011 Scholar-Athletes

(freshmen are not eligible)

School of Business

Dean Matthew O'Connor

Benjamin Arnt (MICE) Biomedical Marketing

Michael Bartlett (MBA) Finance2

Jake Bauer (MICE) Accounting

Kevin Bui (MIH) Entrepreneurship1

Kevin Castodio ( MBAS) Marketing

David Coppola (MCC) Accounting1

George Dummar (MBAS) Business

Kyle Gilday (MLAX) Accounting

Gabriel Guerino (MBAS) Management

Zachary Hansen (MIH) Marketing1

Spencer Kane (MBAS) Business

Johan Karlhagen (MSCR) Finance

Basil Kostaras (MLAX) Management

Dillon Kraus (MTE) Marketing1

Sami Liimatainen (MIH) Econmics3

Neil Mammele (MBAS) Marketing

Dwayne Mars (MSO) Economics1

Lauren Matuszczak (WLA) Adverstising2

Patrick McGann (MIH) Marketing2

Jack Oppenheimer (MLAX) Accounting

Lailah Pratt (WBB) Finance2

Matthew Rothbart (MSCR) Accounting

Alex Russow (MBAS) Business

Alexandra Seitz (WTR) Economics

Tolle Staffanson (MSO) Finance1

Lisanne Steinert (WTE) Marketing2

Richard Stoliker (MCC) Economic

Kevin Tarca (MBB)Finance

Robert Tyson (MICE) FInance

Rodrigo Uchoa (MSO) Finance2

Kate Wheeler (WICE) Marketing

School of Communications

Dean Lee Kamlet

Kelley Davies (WIH) Journalism2

Jordan Elkins (WIH) Journalism1

John Greenlaw (MCC) Pubic Relations2

MacKenzie Liptak (WFH) Public Relations3

Ryan Malki (MSCR) Film, Video, and Interactive Media

Ariel Mandell (WSCR) Film, Video, and Interactive Media

Adrienne Markinson (WTE) Public Relations2

Meagan McLoughlin (WSCR) Public Relations

Alexandra Murray (WSB) Journalism1

Bretty Uttley (MSO) Public Relations1

School of Health Sciences

Dean Edward O'Connor

Abigail Airoldi (WCC) Physical Therapy

Krista Balzofiore (WAT) Nursing

Yuri Bouharevich (MIH) Heath Science Studies1

Kelsey Britton (WIH) Physical Therapy2

Kiera Carey (WLAX) Occupational Therapy

Jacob Cetera (MCC) Physical Therapy

Christopher Coppolecchia (MLA) Physical Therapy1

Zachary Currie (MICE) Sports Medicine

Zachary Davies (MICE) Science Studies

Christina DeBellis (WTI, WTO) Occupational Therapy2

Amanda DeLouise (WFH) Sports Studies

Kristina Del Mistro (WSO) Physicians Assisant1

Hannah Donadio (WTI, WTO) Physical Therapy1

Brittany Garrett (WVB) Physical Therapy

Michael Glaicar (MIH) Health Science Studies1

Kaitlynn Hammerton (WTR, WCC) Physical Therapy

Kerry Heying (WSO) Occupational Therapy2

Jillian Humphreys (WTR, WCC) Physical Therapy

Joelle Jacobsen (WSB) Biomedical Science2

Alyssa Jann (WBB) Health Science Studies2

Jillian Kelley (WSO) Physical Therapy1

Paula Kennedy (WSCR) Biomedical

Julie Lanning (WTR, WCC) Health Science Studies

Nicole Lewis (WFH) Athletic Training1

Jacqueline Lopardo (WAT) Physical Therapy

Kendra Margulies (WSCR) Athletic Training

Megan McCreedy (WFH) Physical Therapy2

Molly McNeil (WSO) Athletic Training2

Rachel Morelli (WCC, WTI, WTO) Physical Therapy1

Kevin O'Connell (MBAS) Health Science Studies

Nicole Payne (WTR) Sports Medicine

Taylor Payne (WVB) Physical Therapy

Melissa Perry (WIH) Physical Therapy1

Martha Santandre (WCC, WTI, WTO) Physical Therapy1

Shelby Sferra (WBB) Biology

Nicole Serrante (WFH) Occupational Therapy

Chelsea Smith (WSO) Nursing1

Rebecca Smith (WTR) Science Studies

Pierre Soubrier (MSCR) Athletic Training

Kelly Sorrell (WTI, WTO) Occupational Therapy2

Kristen Stevens (WTI, WTO) Physical Therapy3

Jillian Strassner (WSCR) Physician Assistant

Philip Surprise (MSCR) Physical Therapy

Andrea Szarkowicz (WTR, WCC) Nursin

Ryan Wolff (MCC)Physical Therapy

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean Hans Bergman

Caitlyn Armstrong (WCH) Mathematics1

Kevin Benzing (MLAX) History

Kelby Carey (WVB) Undeclared1

Nicole Castiglione (WCH) Political Science1

Anthony Cinelli (MBAS) Psychology

Adam Dahlgard (MLAX) Sociology

Alexandra DeStefano (WLA) Psychology1

Mina Duffy (WSB) Psychology1

Bethany Dymarczyk (WICE) Mathmatics

Jeana Favat (WCC,WTO, WTI) Mathematics2

Derek Flynn (MLA) Mathematics1

Jakub Glebocki (MLAX) Criminal Justice

Bethany Huard (WTN) Psychology

Laura Iannotti (WLA) Psychology1

Chelsea Illchuk (WIH) Psychology1

Jaclyn Keleher (WLAX) Physical Therapy

Kaitlyn Kelly (WLA) Psychology2

Christina Lasto (WAT) Psychology

Kayla Lawler (WVB) Psychology1

Jacki Mann (WBB) Sociology

Emily Mason (WLAX) Psychology

Patricia Massa (WTR, WCC) Mathematics

Christopher Migani (MBAS) Criminal Justice

Kyla Miles (WSO) English2

Alexandra Patrizio (WAT) English

Lauren Peacock (WSO) English2

Morgan Roche (WCC, WTI, WTO) Psychology1

Diana Trogel (WAT) Psychology

Stephanie Tuorto (WLA) Political Science2

Katherine Van Nostrand (WFH) History2

Sarah Viebrock (WTN) English

Kristine Watkins (WFH) Sociology

Lauren Zimniski (WFH) Mathematics1


1First Year Recipient 2Second Year Recipient 3Third Year Recipient 4Fourth Year Recipient



Presented by Sean Duffy, NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative



Shaun Hanlon, Men's Lacrosse, 3.87 GPA

Jessica Soja, Women's Track, 4.00 GPA

Ashley Kopacki, Women's Volleyball, 4.00 GPA



Alexandra Seitz, Women's Track, 3.93 GPA

Richard Stoliker, Men's Cross Country, 3.80 GPA



Nicole Lewis, Field Hockey, 3.96 GPA

Yuri Bouharevich, Men's Ice Hockey, 3.88 GPA



Alyssa Jann, Women's Basketball, 3.96 GPA

Rodrigo Uchoa, Men's Soccer, 3.96 GPA



Presented by Lyneene Richardson, Assistant Athletic Director for Academics

2010-2011 Positive Play Champions



Presented by Jack McDonald, Director of Athletics and Recreation to:

Manuel Carreiro, Vice President and Dean of Students; Carol Boucher, Associate Dean of Student Affairs; Gina Frank, Associate Dean of Student Affairs; Monique Drucker, Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residential Life; Seann Kalagher, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs; Vincent Contrucci, Director of Community Service; Daniel Brown, Director of the Student Center and Campus Life; Kathy Macaione, Director of Student Health Services



Presented by Tami Reilly, Assistant Director of Athletics/Recreation

Student Employees of the Year – David Losinno, Senior, Queens, NY and

Mikala Ouellette, Senior, Wolcott, CT



Presented by Michael Medina, Director of Intramurals

Athletes of the Year – Jon Liauw, Senior, Falmouth, ME and Caitlin Guarino, Senior, Lee, NH

Official of the Year – Colleen Doherty, Sophomore, Ashburnham, MA





Team MVP, Year, Hometown

Head Coach/Director

Athletics Council
Athletic Advisory Board Liaison


Elaine Gomez, Senior, Valley Stream, NY

Tami Reilly


Dance Fusion

Xantiana Abio, Senior, Weehawken, NJ

Tami Reilly


Dance Company

Danielle DiCarlo, Senior, Bedord Hills, NY

Tami Reilly


Sideline Cheer

Jordan Hall, Sophomore, Rockland, MA

Eric Grgurich


Pep Band

Elyse Comer, Sophomore, Barrington, RI

Eric Grgurich



Boomer, Hamden, CT

Eric Grgurich


Katie Vashon Sports Information

Miles McQuiggan, Junior, Westerly, RI

Ken Sweeten

Rich Hanley


Men’s Student Athletic Trainer

Matt Mills, Senior, Sudbury, MA

Ernie Hallbach

Alicia Giaimo/Tania Blyth


Women’s Student Athletic Trainer

Melissa Gramuglia, Senior, River Edge, NJ

Ernie Hallbach

Alicia Giaimo/Tania Blyth


Men’s Strength & Conditioning

Michael Glaicar, Junior, Kamloops, B.C.

Brijesh Patel


Women’s Strength & Conditioning

Jordan Elkins, Junior, Wasilla, Alaska

Brijesh Patel


Men's Cross Country

Mike Levene, Sophomore, Redding, CT

Carolyn Martin

Angela Skyers

John DeMezzo

Women’s Cross Country

Rebecca White, Sophomore, Natick, MA

Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy/Angela Skyers

John DeMezzo

Field Hockey

Kimberly Cunniff, Junior, Walpole, MA

Becca M. Kohli

Andy Delohery

Bill O’Brien

Men's Soccer

Tolle Staffanson, Senior, Goteborg, Sweden

Eric Da Costa

John Morgan

John DeMezzo

Women's Soccer

Meagan McLoughlin, Senior, Rocky Hill, CT

Dave Clarke

John Morgan

John DeMezzo


Kayla Lawler, Junior, Richmond, IN

Robin Sparks

Lisa Burns/Rich Hanley

Ann Balogh

Men’s Basketball

Justin Rutty, Senior, Newburgh, NY

Tom Moore

Angela Skyers

Bob McKiernan

Women's Basketball


Courtney Kaminski,  Senior, Dudley, MA


Tricia Fabbri


Anne Balogh


Ann Balogh


Acrobatics and Tumbling

Erin Trotman, Senior, Bristol, CT

Mary Ann Powers

Jill Martin

Angela Santacroce

Men’s Ice Hockey

Jeremy Langlois, Sophomore, Tempe, AZ

Rand Pecknold

Mark Hoffman

Dick Reilly

Women’s Ice Hockey

Kelly Babstock, Freshman, Ontario, Canada

Rick Seeley

Jill Martin

Gene Singer

Women's Indoor Track


Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy/Angela Skyers

John DeMezzo

Women’s Outdoor Track


Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy/Angela Skyers

John Demezzo



Dan Gooley

Rich Hanley

Gene Singer

Men's Lacrosse


Eric Fekete

Andy Delohery

Bob McKiernan

Women's Lacrosse


Danie Caro

Carla Knowlton/Jill Martin

Ann Balogh



Germaine Fairchild

Alicia Giaimo/Angela Mattie

Dick Reilly

Men's Tennis

Andrew Weeden, Sophomore, Martinsville, NJ

Mike Quitko

Dottie Lauria/Kathy Simione

Angela Santacroce

Women's Tennis


Adrienne Markison, Senior, Princeton, NJ


Mike Quitko


Dottie Lauria/Kathy Simione

Gene Singer


Woman’s Golf


Amanda Nagel, Junior, Greenwood, MN


John O’Connor


Anne Balogh/Rich Hanley

Ann Balogh


Women’s Rugby

Katie Wood, Junior, Hamilton, NJ

Rebecca Carlson

Andy Delohery/Jill Martin

Angela Santacroce



Women - Presented by Tracey Flynn

Men- Presented by Jack McDonald



Jack McDonald




                                                               Amanda Pugliese ’11 & Nick  Sczerbinski ‘ 14