Associate Athletic Director Tami Reilly Featured in New Haven Register for Service Work in Guatemala

'Quinnipiac Group Goes Abroad to Help Cancer Patients,' written by the New Haven Register's Patricia Villers

HAMDEN, Conn. – Quinnipiac’s associate athletic director for fitness and wellness Tami Reilly was featured in an article on Wednesday, Aug. 20 in the New Haven Register focusing on her service work in Guatemala. Reilly partnered with associate professor of physical therapy Maureen Helgren as well as a group of Quinnipiac students and delivered wigs to patients at a cancer hospital in Guatemala City.

The cooperative initiative generated 90 wigs for indigent female cancer patients who lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments. The group from Quinnipiac was in Guatemala for 12 days and the wigs were also included in packages of used yoga mats that Reilly and her students sent to Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Reilly is in her 11th year at Quinnipiac and received one of the school’s most-prestigious accolades back in 2010 as a Center for Excellence Honoree in Excellence in Service to Students. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students award ceremony on Oct. 14, 2010. Her work on-campus includes serving as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health enthusiast as well as working as an international fitness presenter and continuing education provider.

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