Director of Athletics Jack McDonald Featured in the Boston Herald

"Greater Boston Track Club turns clock back 40 years" by John Connolly (August 16, 2013)

BOSTON, Mass. – Quinnipiac University Director of Athletics and Recreation Jack McDonald was featured in the Boston Herald on Friday, August 16, 2013. The article, written by columnist John Connolly, highlights the Greater Boston Track Club - a friendly and competitive team with approximately 200 members. McDonald was a founding member some 40 years ago.

“I wish we weren’t reflecting on 40 years. That’s a true sign of age,’’ said Quinnipiac College athletic director Jack McDonald, a former 4-minute miler and one of the founding members of the GBTC. “It was as great a running fraternity as there ever will be.”

GBTC provides a team-oriented, structured training environment for athletes of many abilities who train for everything from jumps and throws to sprints, road races, cross country, and marathons. Members train for several specific competitions throughout the year, and financial support is provided to compete at some major events. GBTC sponsors athletes based on a tiered system of performance standards.

GBTC Mission Statement
The Greater Boston Track Club provides a friendly, competitive, team-oriented environment to those who compete at the national, regional, and local levels. Financial support may be provided to teams and individuals to compete at major events. The club promotes events in track and field, road racing, trail running, and cross-country. A structured training program is provided in the form of team practices under the guidance of experienced coaches.